Monday, February 15, 2010

Hurry Sully

Saturday was a baby shower for my niece, Cheyenne - what a wonderful gathering of her dear friends and family. Everyone is so anxious for Sully to enter our worlds ... and lavished so many beautiful gifts for mama and the baby.
The house was packed with ladies - and a grand time was had by all!
Thank you Chey and Darb, for letting us be such a part of this... we can't wait for Sully to be here!

We love you both so much ♥

The Mom's are making sure everything is perfect and ready for the festivities and the guests!

Anna is Chey's best friend - she had another baby shower for Chey just a few weeks prior and found the most adorable vintage decorations for Sully's room ... if you look closely, you can see alot of the things in her cubbie below.... love you Anna! You are so precious to me ♥

The house was packed to the rafters... I dont know how we could have fit another lady inside - but I'm sure we could have if need be :)

Chey and mom, Julie .... and below, Chey seems like a natural already, juggling baby and drink simultaneously. BTW, those are cloth diapers on the baby and what she is going to use for Sully. Baby Things have really changed so much since the last baby shower I went to - it's amazing all the helpful items out there for mom! Needless to say, I got "enlightened" !!

An awesome "bear" rug for Sully.... Chey's cousin Shelby and I were really veying for that one!

A Bassinette that had been gradually filled over the last 2 years by Grannie Annie (above) ... it was all wonderful!

It was a great day for everyone - great work, Julie, Aunt Alisa and Shirley!


Janelle said...

Oh I just love baby showers, and it looks like this one was just wonderful!
Love the color she's doing Sully's room, and of course that she's already got some great vintage toys for him..
Thanks for sharing Cookie! Can't wait to hear that the lil fella has joined us in this world!

Carol Roll said...

What a wonderful day! That lil Sully is one blessed lil boy!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

C,mon Sully!! You can do it!! :O)

Looks like a wonderful day.....and what a blessed lil' one Master Sully is!!

You have fun!!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Looks like Chey had a wonderful shower and so many nice gifts. She looks great! ~~Pam