Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Day Left to Make a Difference ....

I have been praying and waiting on God to show my hubs and me what to do with the money that we have been mulitplying for the Big Give ... I knew I wanted to help kids somehow and God shed some light on a ministry that provides Christmas gifts to children.
After discussing and praying with Darrell, we have decided to donate all of our funds - over $350 - to Angel Tree - a ministry that has partnered with Prison Fellowship Ministries.
This is a program for kids that have one or both parents in prison... a ministry that will buy and deliver gifts to children, along with a handwritten card from their parents to kids - and they will know that their mom or dad has not forgotten them and although they can't be together on Christmas morning, they will be remembered and loved - and will get a present on Christmas.
Due to the economy, there are over 50,000 kids in remote areas that have not been adopted for Christmas so the goal of Angel Tree is to reach those kids in remote and very rural areas and bring them some joy.

I feel very confident that our money will be used to bless some children that might have a bleak Christmas - without their parents and maybe even Christmas presents.
I would love to deliver - I called and talked to one of the staff at Angel Tree, but was told that it's too late to get to be a part of that, so I'll have to settle for donating the money to buy the childrens gifts.

That's ok... I can live with that and know that my money is going to help make some children's Christmas a little brighter!

I have one more day to multiply my money more... if you can help by donating just $10 to help a child's Christmas be a little brighter please, email me! You can send a paypal over before the deadline hits.

Merry Christmas to all ♥ May God be Glorified and Bless in a Mighty Way!


The Old Cupboard Door said...

So glad to see you selected Angel Tree. I have worked with this wonderful ministry before. I started an Angel Tree in our church, we also delivered the gifts to the families. The funds you raised will bless a lot of families this time of year. God bless you and your husband for doing this.


Cookie said...

That is my hope and prayer too, Willa - thank you so much for being a part of this blessing with me!
Merry Christmas ♥

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Awesome Cookie! The Angel Tree ROCKS & so do YOU my Friend! Merry Christmas to you & Darrell & Np & Tuck too. Hugs, Starla