Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Ancestors were on to Something!

The weather has been wonderful the last few weekends, spurring us to take day trips around the area just to enjoy the 70°-ish temps!

This last weekend, we rode to a dear friends for breakfast and then on for a day trip south of the city to a quaint little community I'd driven by a gazillion times but never stopped in.

Welcome to Harrisonville, Missouri.

As we drove down mainstreet with it's brick streets,
our eyes were immediately drawn to the belltower.

But as we approached it, our hearts were overcome with mounting pride.
The courthouse building itself is beautifully maintained ...
but take a moment to read the inscription over the front entry -

Our current politicians would do well to stop and give ponder to these simple words written:


I think both republicans and democrats alike have forgotten
that it is YOU and ME that put them in the position they are holding
and it is YOU and ME that can remove them just as quickly~

What an awesome display of patriotism and a moving memorial to our veterans.

We walked around the square and were met with many delights
that made my heart skip lightly - but at the same time, I was deeply saddened that the economy has forced so many business to close.
Left to stand and represent themselves without an owner present,
we first ran across a bar & grill called Younger's.

Unfortunately, it's closed up tight now,
but I could see it was still filled with all the furnishings and awesome decor inside.

Even out back held a troop of band members on the rooftop
that could make anyone stop and do a hat dance!

On the opposite side of the square was a wonderful antique shop.
It looked to me like whoever owned this store
filled with jaw dropping finds, bolted the front door and just walked away, leaving window shoppers drooling on the sidewalk for a closer peek inside.
Here are some of the things that caught my attention
and brought my heart to my throat -


What a great day, even if it left me longing for more....
me (l) and Thea, my best friend from High School (r) in her new and gorgeous home!

I love these gnarly trees - once covered in rich foliage and now standing bare.

And with the weather we had all spring and summer,
of course the dark clouds would roll in before the day was over!

I want to take this opportunity to thank our veterans
for making so many sacrifices and fighting for my freedoms!
Without your dedicated service, I could very well not have a blog to post pictures and speak my heart freely!



BittersweetPunkin said...

You lucky duck! It has been freezing here. LOVE that shop and oh my....those items!! Can you strap any of that stuff on the back of the bike? That would be my Hubby's excuse for NOT getting it. :)


Lisa said...

It is indeed sad to see businesses close. Many put so much of hard work and their savings into something, only to have to later close. Enjoyed your adventure sightseeing.